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We, representing the states of the United States in the Miss USA Pageant,
 in order to further the cause of peace, justice and mutual understanding,
do solemnly dedicate ourselves to the highest ideals of sportsmanship,
friendship and goodwill among all the people of the United States.

Miss USA > Miss Universe 1980
Shawn Weatherly--South Carolina

Miss USA 1980
Jineane Ford--Arizona

Miss USA 1981
Kim Seelbrede--Ohio

Miss USA 1982
Terri Utley--Arkansas

Miss USA 1983
Julie Hayek--California

Miss USA 1984
Mai Shanley--New Mexico

Miss USA 1985
Laura Martinez-Herring--Texas

Miss USA 1986
Christy Fichtner--Texas

Miss USA 1987
Michelle Royer--Texas

Miss USA 1988
Courtney Gibbs--Texas

Miss USA 1989
Gretchen Polhemus--Texas


Images courtesy of Miss Universe L.P., LLLP