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We, representing the states of the United States in the Miss USA Beauty Pageant,
 in order to further the cause of peace, justice and mutual understanding,
do solemnly dedicate ourselves to the highest ideals of sportsmanship,
 friendship and goodwill among all the people of the United States.

Miss USA/Universe 1960
Linda Bement--Utah

Miss USA 1961
Sharon Brown--Louisiana

Miss USA 1962
Macel Wilson--Hawaii

Miss USA 1963
Marite Ozers--Illinois

Miss USA 1964
Bobbie Johnson--District of Columbia

Miss USA 1965
Sue Downey--Ohio

Miss USA 1966
Maria Remenyi--California

Miss USA > Miss Universe 1967
Sylvia Hitchcock--Alabama

Miss USA 1967
Cheryl Ann Patton--Florida

Miss USA 1968
Dorothy Anstett--Washington

Miss USA 1969
Wendy Dascomb--Virginia

Images courtesy of Miss Universe L.P., LLLP