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Johnny's Pageant Page Blog
Sunday, August 22, 2004
MHK Pageant 2004 Discussion
What do you think about this year's pageant? format/production? winners? prizes?

Posted by Johnny at 4:34 PM HDT
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Monday, August 23, 2004 - 1:12 PM HDT

Name: lil_babygirl
Home Page:

I think that this yr's pageant was fair cuz i think kate deserved her place and also sze sze was awesome the way she ans. the questions even when eric tsang was teasing her. Queenie was a bit nervous but she had the looks so i think she deserved her place too! I think this yr's top 3 is better than last yrs cuz i don't think mandy and priscilla looked all that great. but that's just my opinion. The only thing was that why didn't kayee get int the top 4 and irene and winnie and cecilia get into the top 8??? The way they set it up this yr was kinda weird cuz they have mei lai dai hok. Even though the prizes were great just like usual.The production was a lil better cuz at least they didn't screw up this yr. O well thats all i have to say but don't kill me cuz this is only my opinion and come visit my site and sign my guestbook!


Monday, August 23, 2004 - 2:40 PM HDT

Name: dahveed

Several thoughts for a year I don't really care about...
- No stand-out candidates again this year. I didn't even know that Kate has been a hot door since she won the slimming award. Nice smile, too skinny, and photogenic too?!. Queenie looks nice from certain (not all) angles. Sze Sze fits into that cute-young-girl, not-quite-mature-to-be-winner, 2nd-runner-up mode (like '87, '99, '91, '94, '95, '97).
- Don't know if they'll skip semis entirely. Now that they don't have it, I miss it.
- If TVB can provide a HK$1.5 mil crown, why did they hold the pageant in Studio City? Cheap, cheap, cheap. I felt like watching a segment of Jade Solid Gold.
- No qi pao segment?! That's inexcusable. They should make the point of crowing the winners in qi pao permanent.
- No matter how much training they were supposed to have, some girls' catwalk skill was just awful.
- No major fugly costumes, even though the red swimsuit dress flattered no one.
- I actally like Eric Tsang's hosting this year. Even w/out a 3rd host, he was able to keep the atmosphere going.
- Best looking ex-MHK? Sophie Rahman and Mandy Cho.
- Was the result rigged? Kate is definitely a totally different type of girl than Mandy, so I don't think TVB's just picking a certain type of girl to be the winner. So I don't think so.


Monday, August 23, 2004 - 10:37 PM HDT

Name: Johnny

I think this year's result is very reasonable, Kate was sharp, Queenie had the whole package, Sze Sze did great in interviews. Most of us were surprised that Kayee didn't place, her performance was quite acceptable in my opinion. The format of the show was wonderful, no boring segments except for the former MHK singing part, they were awful, especially Shirley Yeung, but I'm glad TVB invited other former MHKs to attend and at least they were on stage and said something. They all managed to look good. This year there were less awards, no qipaos, no semifinal, final in studio, is TVB trying to cut their expenses to the max? Costume design is a big improvement this year, at least for the final. Overall the winners are deserving.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004 - 12:45 AM HDT

Name: gaz

i agree y irene cecilia n winnie didnt get in to the top 8
and y kayee didnt get 2 da top 4but i fink mandy n priscilla r perfect

Friday, September 3, 2004 - 3:36 AM HDT

Name: rana

totally agree w/ johnny & dahveed. but i'll add one last bit. i don't see how kate deserved the photogenic award. she wasn't always sharp in pics. and there are a few ppl who could have taken that title besides her.

regarding the training in catwalk they've had..some were just horrendous to see! argh >

Sunday, September 5, 2004 - 12:08 AM HDT

Name: Lisa
Home Page:

format - i would rather have semi-final and final, a few who didn't make top 8 were surprising especially irene and ceci, but i guess it is over already. kate can be a good miss hk, though miss international goodwill i would think Lulu should get that, i mean shes so friendly and nice to everyone, oh wellz i guess. prizes is the highest record this year, production is soso, the rating was only 29 pts so not that high, winners are okay overall, i think wut Kayee lost in is confidence, and she's acting a bit abnormal in the interview, i dont know how to decribe it but if i was the judge, the max i can put her is 2nd Ru even though i (and alot of ppl) predicted her to be the winner and i dont even think she placed very high in the online gambling thing and hk press so top 8 is good aleady. overall, i am satisfied with everything.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - 7:25 AM HST

Name: cherry

I find 2004's top 3 one of the better ones along with 1996's top 3.

I guess TVB is just utilizing their new 'city', why fork out a huge amount on a stage when they can hold it in their own backyard that cost them a heck of a lot to build in the first place, it is good business sense, saving on stage hire can give way to better production though it seemed like 2004's production wasnt anything spectacular, not bad but not bad isnt good enough!

There was a qi pao segment, just not the conventional qi paos and i'm quite undecided about that, on one hand its different and as we all know no change can be boring so its good to change but on the other hand the qi paos were a important feature in the mhk pageant, perhaps if the unconventional qi paos were actually better designed it would of worked.

But not all the outfits were bad, i absolutely loved the white gowns in the beginning, out of the 18 i could only name 2 that i wasnt so keen on and thats rare, usually its the other way round i'll like only 2/3 out of the many!

I prefer having a semi-final and final, in that way we get to know them more, this year all those pre-recorded clips just felt too staged to me and having to wait 3 months just took out the fizz, at least with a semi in between it kept the buzz going.

I truly hope that if TVB decides to just have a finals only format they'll only run for 2 months max, funnily take 2003 - 20 contestants with semi and finals - ran for 8/9 weeks, this year 18 contestants etc. - ran for 10+ weeks!

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