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Johnny's Pageant Page Blog
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Should TVB "freeze" Kate Tsui for her sex talk on RTHK?
Kate was recently invited on a radio show at RTHK, and the topic was about sex. TVB disapproved of her behavior on the radio show and might freeze her because she destroys her image of a TVB artists and more importantly the image of Miss Hong Kong. Do you think she should be punished for that?

Here's what I think:
First, I think TVB is being biased given the fact that there were two other TVB artists and a producer on the radio show, and the host herself is a TVB artist. If TVB has to punish, what about the other three guests who are also employees of TVB. I think TVB has a double standard regarding this issue.

Next, as for destroying the image of MHK...the image of MHK was destroyed long time ago when they decided to go out and sleep with rich married man, and how come that kind of behavior wasn't punished.

I don't think Kate went overboard on the show. RTHK is partly managed by the HK government and there are limits set by them, if the conversation is not appropriate, it would not be on the air and online viewing would not even be available. In addition, the purpose of the show is to provide listeners and viewers a positive side of sex. Also, the show is at midnight...which is intended for mature audiences.

Posted by Johnny at 7:42 PM HDT
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Friday, May 5, 2006 - 5:00 PM HDT

Name: Samuel
Home Page:

One word, no. I thought Kate doesn't ruin the reputation as MSHK. First, talking about sex isn't a big deal. If you say, she did it, then that's different. Second, her reign as MSHK ended so she can get married and have sex. Many former queens got married and have childen, so are they ruining the reputation as Miss Hong Kong? I also think that TVB knows that she is doing the interview, so it's okay.

Thursday, May 11, 2006 - 3:53 PM HDT

Name: dahveed

I think both sides are at fault here.

First, someone needs to drag TVB into the 20th century (not even 21st). If Kate were a Miss USA and had the same conversation on American radio, even during her reign, no one would've batted an eye. However, TVB values MHK as a name brand representing feminine ideals/virtues/etc. I think the more they talk about freezing Kate, the more they brought attention to this incident themselves. I agree that the image of MHK has long been tainted by winners such as that married-men grabber Michelle Reis.

Kate doesn't come off totally clean either. How stupid of her to not remember that her employer likes clean cut (gwai) girls. Shirley Yeung supposedly gets neglected by the station because (gasp!) she's living with someone before they're married. Knowing that TVB doesn't like negative news from the heavily promoted new actresses, she should've known better before blabbering away.

Monday, February 16, 2009 - 5:01 AM HST

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Home Page:

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