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Johnny's Pageant Page Blog
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
MHK 05 had plastic surgeries? Fact or Rumor? and Score Sheets....
Looking at old pictures of Tracy Ip from the magazine, her face does look a bit different. A result of weight loss, could be... but her nose definitely look different to me, it's a lot smaller now. When you think more about it, the application never stated that plastic surgery is not allowed, back then when Chingmy was accused of having her chin done in 1987, TVB didn't ask her to leave, it was her who made the decision to leave. Had she stayed to participate in the finals, the final outcome would probably change.

Every year some kind of rumors just popped up right after the new MHK is crowned, this year is no different. Even the reigning Miss World admitted that she had a nose job, past Miss Universe such as Amelia Vega probably had something done, her face is just too perfect to be real.

Score sheets--this is most likely real scores from one of the judges during the first interview. Judges jotted down their English speaking skills on their and Natalie Khor scored a perfect 10 in that area, no wonder she got Miss International Goodwill! Even though Tracy's scores wasn't at the top, it doesn't mean she didn't do well in other areas. Winning Miss Charity award really boosted her scores I believe. Thank goodness she's not going to Miss Universe, otherwise those die hard Miss Universe fans like me would be really disappointed by her limited English speaking skills and her swimsuit presentation.

Posted by Johnny at 9:10 PM HDT
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - 3:39 AM HDT

Name: rana

this is from a reliable source...amelia vega had at least 4 surgeries. lips & chest (the only ones i remember)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - 8:15 PM HDT

Name: Shannon

I believe that the "plastic Surgery" gossip is not a rumour. Pictures published in the magazine shows clearly that she has done something with her face.

Even Edmond Leung a few years ago had paricularly request for Tracy Ip to be in his Kareoke Ad's "main actress", now she's in Miss Hong Kong, Edmond Leung couldn't recognize her, he said she has changed a lot and couldn't be recognized.

Also, i have never seen a Miss Hong Kong winner have sooo much negative news.

Tracy Ip doesn't even need to participate MHK, her modelling adverts are all over the streets way before she participated (examples: The Bank of China advert, the Vegas Beauty advert...)

According to East Weekly magazine, 2 of the chairman judges gave her the lowest score, even if the other 3 gave her full marks she can't have won.

Also, 2nd round qs, she had the easiest qs out of the 10, everyone else had qs not suitable for children's ears.

Her english speaking skills: I really qs if she really studied in England if her english is sooo bad.

I believe tracy dont deserve the mhk title.

I wish the result was:

Winner: Erica Yuen (but it doesnt matter now coz she already signed a contract with TVB)
1st ru: Cindy Lee (She could win Miss Sport in Miss World)
2nd ru: Carrie Lam (well deserved)

Sharon Luk (she had a hard 2nd round qs but I dont mind her being in the top 3)
Shermon Tang (she shone from the heart)

Friday, August 26, 2005 - 12:57 AM HDT

Name: Yoyo

I think Tracy Ip is very plain and figure aswell...should not be mhk winner...hope tvb does not give her a contract

Friday, August 26, 2005 - 7:21 AM HDT

Name: Jenny

i like tracy myself, she has a friendly smile, even Myolie Wy likes her! She said she is close to perfect! O_O

Friday, August 26, 2005 - 7:24 AM HDT

Name: Jenny

sry that was Myolie Wu**

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - 3:00 PM HDT

Name: ~~

I think Tracy looks fine. I don't think she had plastic surgery. Losing weight can really make a person look different. Coupled with some massaging sessions you can easily do yourself, it can really reshape your face (not a lot, but enough to improve your look).

ANNYYYWWAAAY. I don't think people are being fair on Chui Chui. I haven't seen the 'scoresheet' in question, but so what Natalie got a 10 in English speaking skills. She got int. goodwill for that. Plus, if you want negative news, go to TVB's message board and you will find ppl who knew her in Melbourne, Australia, that said Natalie was not friendly at all and was rude to the Asians.

No matter who win, there will always be negative news. Give the poor girl a break. She is a human being too.

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